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I remember booking our flights to Cuba last January for a trip in June with so much excitement. Once we booked our flights I knew I could start researching things to do in Cuba. One of the factors that encouraged me to start a travel blog was reading other bloggers travel tips and thanking them for the insider information. As Darragh and myself explore more and more cities, countries and everything in between, we want to share our insider information with our readers. You never stop learning and that is why I love to research places to travel. I have multiple excel sheets with blog posts from other bloggers of places and things I want to see and do. I’m the organised person in our relationship with an excel sheet for everything.

Before embarking to Cuba we did a lot of research as the internet is non existent over there. Yes, it meant my excel sheet was no good to use so we created a note book full of addresses and recommendations that we came across. We also bought a phrase book which SAVED us on so many occasions. I’ll always carry one from now on when visiting a country with a different language.

We wanted to share with you some of the blog posts that made us fall even more in love with Cuba.

  • Cuba Junky – I’m going to say this was the post read blog when researching Cuba, it has everything you need to know about Cuba. What I really loved about this site were the Casa Particular recommendations!


  • Don’t Forget To Move – Two bloggers showing us the importance of moving around the world to see what beauty lies ahead. I actually love these two, their posts are exciting, the photos are incredible and I lust after the adventure they are living. They have several Cuba Blog Posts which were so helpful!


  • Eat Sleep Chic – Irish Blogger Stephanie always gives me travel envy. She has been to some pretty cool places. We recently discussed what’s on our bucket list in Ireland so watch this space for some fun travel plans from Stephanie and Kate. After reading Stephanie’s blog post about a Vintage Car Tour in Havana we had to incorporate this into our plan. It was the best thing we did in Havana.



  • The Travel Two – Daniella and Martin set up The Travel Two showing us the adventures of two friends travelling different parts of the world. Daniella had been to Cuba a few months before we went and I was living through her Instagram photos of Cuba. This pair take the most beautiful photographs. Be sure to check out their Instagram!


  • The Path to 100 Travel Blog – Sharing their top tips on what to do in Cuba in less than two weeks. I love following this pair on Instagram, again serious travel envy from their photos.


  • Urban Travel Blog – Have the top tips for a long weekend in the capital city of Cuba, Havana. We started and ended our trip in Havana so we wanted to read all about the city.



  • Fashion Blogger Doina Ciobanu of The Golden Diamonds featured an article on Who What Wear about every fashionista guide to Cuba the week before I was set to travel to Cuba. I love the art of photography and this girl has it down to perfection. I love her style and her blog is incredible. She showed us the pretty side of Cuba and the best places to take Instagram photos.


  • Rosemary MacCabe Irish Lifestyle Blogger Rosemary visited Cuba a few month ago after we were there. I want to go back to Cuba again so I love hearing about what other people did while they were in Cuba. Rosemary visited the same 3 towns were did while in Cuba and her opinion is exactly like ours. She has a fantastic blog post about where to eat in Cuba too, the food isn’t amazing but Rosemary found some good spots!

We are always on the look out for more blogs so be sure to leave a link below if you have a blog post about Cuba. Of course here are the blog posts we have written about Cuba!

Safe Travels,

Kate & Darragh

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