Difference between GoPro Cameras

I put the question to my Instagram followers last week asking had anyone tried GoPro cameras and what they thought of them as I’ve never owned one before. The feedback was amazing and no negative reviews from any of my followers. I love photography and cannot wait to get my hands on a GoPro. Now before I get into comparing the, they are very expensive. I’m still looking for second hand options and will update this blog as I find good deals. One of my followers did recommend a newer model like the GoPro Hero 5 Black or GoPro Hero 6 Black because you can directly import your photos using the app making it easier to edit your videos. I have this option with my Olympus Pen camera and it’s one of the reasons why I love it so much. Now I’m not a tech expert but from reading endless reviews about these cameras, I wanted to share a simple easy guide to them.

Let’s get comparing!

GoPro Hero 6 Black VS GoPro Hero 5 Black

  • The Hero 6 Black is the latest model and coming in at an expensive £399.00 on Amazon I decided I wanted to do a little more research before hitting the buy now button.
  • Visually they are exactly the same so if you are buying any extra drones or gadgets they will fit on both.
  • The major difference is the Resolutions and frame rates. Eh what’s this you ask? The Hero 5 Black shoots 4K resolution at 30fps and the Hero 6 Black shoots 4K at a slick 60fps. With any upgrade the quality will improve. With the Hero 6 Black the footage will be a lot smoother and the content sharper.
  • The GoPro Hero 6 Black’s major upgrade is internal and that comes from the GP1 custom processor. This is used to unlock higher resolution and frame rate options compared to the Hero 5 Black.
  • Both have a touch screen and voice control, a big improvement on their older models.
  • The stabilisation in the Hero 6 Black is what’s really selling it for me. While watching Youtube videos on the two, this really stood out for me. Smoother footage without having to turn down the resolution. I’ve linked the video below.
  • Want to shoot in slow mo? Then the Hero 6 Black is the GoPro for you.
  • Battery life is not the best with most reviews saying roughly 1 hour 30 mins for shooting with both models. I’ll be investing in two batteries from the looks of this, nothing worse than running out of battery while shooting. Be warned, the battery changed between the 4 and the 5.
  • The colour quality on the Hero 6 Black is a lot richer than the Hero 5 Black. When I’m shooting I want as vibrant as I can get.
  • Are they waterproof? Yes they are! Unlike older models where you would need a protective case for shooting underwater both of these models can go 10m deep in water.
  • You will need a microSD card for you GoPro and I’d go for a higher memory as you won’t want to delete any of your footage.

There are so many Youtube videos out there on the difference and I’ve linked one here as you can really see the difference between the two models.

What’s the GoPro Hero 5 Session? 

Coming in significantly cheaper I wanted to see what was the hype with the Hero Session. It launched in 2016 with the Hero 5 Black. It’s a handy smaller version which could be very good if you want to be introduced to the GoPro family or want to be slightly more discreet. Setting changes require your smartphone and the app which can be annoying if you want to shoot on the go or run out of battery on your phone. The Hero5 Black and the Hero5 Session both offer SuperView, Wide, Medium, Narrow and a new option called Linear. Both of the models can take photos and videos with the Hero 5 Black having a higher quality. The Hero5 Session is cheaper, smaller and more subtle, but controlling it is more difficult than the Hero5 Black and its touchscreen. The larger device also offers higher frame rates at some resolutions, a higher resolution sensor with better low light capability and a couple of other additional extras, such as RAW image capture and GPS location tagging. My conclusion is that it really depends on what your camera needs are and if you want some of the extra features with the Hero 5 Black.

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