Heron & Grey – an experience

I would like to start this post by saying that usually we don’t write about restaurants on here but with both of us being foodies and considering the meal we had recently we had to share it! Recommending some of our favourite foodie spots is something we would like to share more of on our blog so we hope you agree. 

Last weekend myself and Kate were fortunate enough to have a meal at Heron & Grey in Blackrock. Kate’s brother Shane (I know he’d love the mention) made the booking months ago but was on holidays for the weekend so we gladly took his booking, it would have been a crime to see it go to waste.

Heron & Grey is situated in a corner of Blackrock market and despite their small space it is rapidly becoming known as one of the best restaurants in Dublin. They have been awarded a Michelin star in the 2017 Michelin Guide Great Britain & Ireland. This is an extraordinary achievement when you consider they have been there just over a year and can only seat 66 people a week. It’s a testament to their extraordinary service that they are currently booked out until September. They will be taking bookings for September onwards on March 1st with a new online booking system. http://www.heronandgrey.com/

The meal we had last Saturday night was phenomenal. I am not used to tasting menus and to attempt to explain the many and varied flavours within each dish would do the team at Heron & Grey an injustice. The whole evening was more of an experience than a meal. We were made to feel welcome from the minute we stepped in the door and although this was fine dining there was none of the “stuffiness” that can often be associated with that. Each dish and its complexity was explained in a relaxed way by either Heron or Grey and it was this personal touch that made for such a special evening.

Each dish had such a complexity of flavours that you really savour every mouthful. It was all expertly paired with an amazing wine selection. The menu changes frequently and you have either a vegetarian or a meat based option. Both myself and Kate’s highlight was the end of season game dish which was probably one of the best things I’ve ever tasted, closely followed by the cheese burrito which was an unexpected surprise at the end.

Overall we spent 3 and a half hours in the restaurant and left feeling content, not too full and not too hungry as can sometimes happen when you opt for a tasting menu. Our night really was made by the personality of all the staff there and how welcome we were made feel. We would really recommend this to anyone looking to celebrate a special occasion or just looking to treat themselves. 


Safe travels!

Darragh & Kate.

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