Our 2017 Travel Plans

A little late to the new year plans which means we have been thinking long and hard about what is realistic for 2017. Last year was an exciting year for us as we set up this blog after an amazing trip to Cuba in June. We wanted to share our past, present and future adventures with you. Where to next darling..? travel blog is all about where our next adventure will take us. This year our focus is on Ireland more than ever as Kate lives in Dublin and Darragh recently moved to Limerick. We both are trying to manage the long distance relationship and we are using weekends away in Ireland as a way of enjoying the distance. Whether it’s meeting half way or driving 2 hours south of Limerick we are trying to do road trips and nights away in Ireland manageable for a couple who only see each other at the weekend. Our mission for 2017 is to visit a new place in Ireland once a month. After Kate spoke about managing a long distance relationship on her snapchat (katekelly1), a lot of her readers said they are in the same boat and loved hearing about our ideas for road trips around Ireland. At the moment we have absolutely nothing booked but last minute plans seem to be working for us. We don’t plan a trip more than a month in advance as our schedules can change.

Where to next darling…? 2017 Travel Plans:

  • Once a month visit somewhere in Ireland we haven’t been before. With Darragh living on the other side of Ireland this is going to be a fun adventure as there are so many things to see and do in the West of Ireland. Between nights away and 1 day road trips we plan to show you lots of exciting places in Ireland.
  • Stay in a lighthouse. How cool would this be? It’s a little bit on the pricey side for the two of us but for a group of friends this would be a fun way to spend the weekend. Details on staying in a lighthouse: www.greatlighthouses.com/lighthouses 
  • Visit Donegal. We don’t know where we want to go yet but it’s a part of Ireland that is not mentioned enough.
  • Our annual trip to Kelly’s Hotel in Rosslare Co.Wexford. Kate’s family have been going to this hotel for over 30 years and never miss a year. It’s a family tradition and you completely unwind when you stay in this hotel. Be prepared for serious foodie photos when we go.
  • Spend the weekend in Bere Island Co.Cork. Darragh’s Grandparents are originally from this beautiful island. Kate has never been to Bere Island so we are hoping to make the trip down for a long weekend.
  • Game of Thrones Tour in Northern Island. Both of us are huge GOT fans. So much so that two of our travels plans for this year as based around the show. You can do the organised tour for a day or drive around yourself. While in Northern Ireland we plan to visit Belfast as neither of us have been there either. For tour details visit: www.gameofthrones-winterfelltours.com/tournorthernireland
  • Summer holiday to Croatia. While on the topic of Game of Thrones of course we want to visit some of it’s other locations around the world. Last year our summer holiday was exploring the beautiful country that is Cuba so we knew it would be hard to beat. Both of us would love to go back to Cuba this summer but thought best to tick another country off our travel list.  
  • Use Air bnb to book room. We have never booked a room with Air bnb but I love the idea behind it and it saves you so much!
  • Explore Krakow in Poland. Neither of us have been to Poland before but after Kate was invited to an evening in the Polish Embassy in Dublin learning all about Poland and how beautiful the country is she was sold on visiting Krakow.
  • Kate’s Solo Trip. Last October Kate went on her first solo trip to NYC and loved it (thanks for leaving me behind Kate). The hotel she stayed in was out of this world! You can read the post here. She loved exploring on her own that she plans to make this an annual trip. Blog post to come about how she found travelling on her own for the first time.

Let us know what your travel plans are for this year on twitter and if you have any recommendations for where we have mentioned. Of course there will be some random travel plans in between, you can’t plan every adventure!

Safe Travels,

Darragh & Kate


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