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Want to travel the world but don’t have anyone to go with you or who wants the same adventure as you. Want to travel to a country where you don’t speak the language or don’t have time to learn it. You’re working and only have a limited time frame for travelling but want to get the most of being away. You want to travel but don’t have hours to do your research or want to know where best to go from an expert. Want a holiday with your other half but don’t want to just lie by the beach. If any of these are you then you will love travelling with G Adventures. 

Before I start this post I want to let you know this is not a sponsored post and I wanted to share my experience of travelling with G Adventures. I’m just back from a trip to Central America and it was my third trip away using G Adventures. My experience on my two previous trips were flawless and that’s why I keep going back to travel with them.

Let’s step back in time to 5 years ago, 20 years old and all I wanted to do was travel the world with my best friend. We decided we would go away for 4 months, another friend had been to South America so we said sure why not let’s go there too. No research or any notions of what we wanted to see in the world, we rocked into trailfinders travel agency in Dublin and said we wanted to travel the world. Looking back I do wish I had been slightly wiser or done some reasearch as we booked a 4 month trip there and then without telling our parents but it does make a fun story (my mum did freak out). The first trip that our agent booked was a 6 week adventure in South America with G Adventures. Had I heard of Bolivia, no, but was I excited to go, yes! That trip 5 years ago was the first time I had travelled properly without my parents. I didn’t know what to expect from G Adventures but it was the best part of the 4 months away. So much so that I would go on that exact same trip again. The highlight of that trip was Machu Picchu and boy am I glad I had the support of the group. It’s a 4 day intense hike, a lot of highs but I did cry on day two because it was really hard. I also felt really homesick while climbing because I felt very vulnerable as this was a huge personal challenge for me. There were 16 in our group and we had all bonded before it was time to climb Machu Picchu and without the love and support from them I would have found the hike even more challenging. We had sing songs every night and laughed so much. I know people who have done the hike on their own with guides and it’s been very lonely. Another amazing experience was crossing the Bolivian salt flats and spending 3 days travelling in a 4×4 with the group. The friendships made on that trip were incredible and everyone wasn’t the same age but all had the love of travelling in common. The only thing I regret from that trip is that I didn’t take enough photos! I’m going to do a more detailed post on the exact tour I did but below you will see the route we took.

This was the tour I did in South America, Buenos Aires to Lima Adventure. 

My second tour was in Asia and it was the Indochina Discovery.

My third trip that I’m just back from was my favourite out of the three trips and it was Best of Central America tour. 

While you’re on a G Adventures tour you don’t feel like you are on a hop on, hop off let’s wave a flag to find our group tour. I’ve seen these in so many cities and to me they feel boring and you feel like a guided sheep. Gadventures is like a bunch of strangers meeting and you all have the same travel style in mind. It’s also a great way to meet people from different cultures. I’m still friends with people I met on my first trip and have visited them around the world. You spend so much time with these people and you become a family.

What makes G Adventures a favourite with me is that they cater for your adventure level. It doesn’t matter what age you are but the type of travel style you want. From classic to marine, from YOLO to adventure junkie each trip looks at what type of adventure you want. This trip will be my third time picking the YOLO travel style (now called 18 to 30 something tour). Why I like this travel style is that there is a lot of adventure without it being too intense. I looked at the active travel style but I hate cycling and it’s catering towards people who like to mountain bike. You can go anywhere in the world depending on your activity level.

When you go on their website you can select a travel style, duration of the trip and the area of the world you want to visit. Their website gives a full breakdown of the trip so you know exactly what you will be doing each day with optional activities. Everything is organised for you and all you have to decide is what activity you want to do on the day. They organise all local transport and a lot of it is private so you really get to know the group you are travelling with. When you look up the itinerary it even gives you a breakdown of how long you will be on a bus etc which is great for planning out books etc to keep yourself entertained. In my opinion you couldn’t ask for a more organised, varied tour company. What I also love is that you can do your own research based on the itinerary gadventures provide, it’s incredibly detailed and they give you lots of different activity options everyday.

A few people asked me about the price and was it worth it. Your flights aren’t included but all transport and accommodation on the tour is. No worrying about missing buses and not having any Spanish to ask when the next bus is. All you need to do is get yourself on the bus and even at that your tour guide will let you know what time you need to get up at. From pervious trips on my own I’ve ended up forking out on taxis because I was unsure about the bus and wasn’t 100% sure if I could find where it went from. But when travelling with G Adventures you don’t need to worry about extra costs of buses or taxis. The only cost you need to factor is food, shopping money, activity money (they give you a breakdown of how much they cost so you can budget) and tipping your tour guide. In my opinion and previous trips by myself you will spend more from either being unsure or being tricked as a tourist.

Let’s talk about the YOLO travel style or 18 to 30 something travel style. 

Seeing as this was my third trip you could say this is the perfect travel style for me. I like adventure but I also want to relax. Highlights include hiking, ziplining, homestays, getting off the beaten track but also relaxing on a beach or a nice retreat. One of my favourite things about G Adventures is how they are trying to be as sustainable to the environment and to the culture of each beautiful part of the world. They employe local tour guides, they include homestays which mean locals can work with them and in return the people on the trip get a insight into the local culture and experience it first hand. They giveback to the environment and try to find the most economical way to travel.

I’m so excited to share more of my adventures with you so keep an eye on my Instagramm @katekellyk. In the meantime here’s a few trips that I have on my list of adventures.

What’s next on my travel list with G Adventures:

Until the next adventure…



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