Could this be the BEST NYC hotel room view?

Where do I start with this hotel, it was incredible! You might have seen on my snapchat (katekelly1) that last week I went to New York City on my own.The experience itself is something I think everyone should do at least once in their life. While in NYC one of the most requested questions asked was what hotel I was staying in. When I put up The NoMo SoHo 1,000 of my followers took a screen shot of the photo and I couldn’t believe it!




When planning a trip in any city I get a map and look at what the major things are I want to try and do, mark in the areas they are in, then plan my stay. I think it’s important when you are travelling for a short time to choose convince. The majority of things I wanted to do were in SoHo so I looked at all the hotels in the area.

For this trip I wanted to treat myself to a nice hotel and looked at all 4 start and 5 star hotels in the area. The interior in The NoMo SoHo is what won me over. As I researched the hotel more on trip advisor and saw the views from this room and I knew it was the hotel for me. You can see by some of the photos I’ve taken that it really is a beautiful hotel.





I’ve stayed in a lot of hotels in my life and The NoMo SoHo has been by far the best hotel I’ve stayed in. The staff are beyond friendly. I was nervous travelling as it’s the first time I’ve gone on a holiday and stayed in a hotel on my own. I felt so comfortable in The NoMo SoHo and knew if I needed to ask anything that it wouldn’t be a problem. The vibe is relaxed and chilled in the hotel. The restaurant is like a huge indoor garden. I loved how bright the hotel was. The rooms are small but the view is what makes up for the size of the room. The beds are so comfy you won’t want to get out of them in the morning. Waking up in a room like that everyday was like a dream come true.




I used to book my trip but like any travel advice always shop around for the best price. After you book contact the hotel to check what floor your room will be on. My room was on the 17th floor in a corner room which over looked The Empire State Building from one window and Brooklyn Bridge from the corner window. You can see from my picture above that this view was incredible. I didn’t want to leave my room!



I am all for trying new things but I think I will have to go back to The NoMo SoHo the next time I visit NYC. You can see more photos on my Instagram @katekellyk or @wheretonextdarling.

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